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International Conference On Contemporary Cast Iron ArT


Open Calls

(Deadlines approaching soon!)

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The Western Cast Iron Art Alliance ( seeks visual responses incorporating Fe that depict the ways we quantify and calculate to comprehend our place in the world. Mixed media works that explore mathematics, furnace dimensions, postal fees, shipping weight, ancestry, metric, imperial, hand-span, clothing sizes, climate change, statistics, currency, interstellar/ microscopic distance, and related matters. 

DEADLINE: April 1st
Location: Rudolstadt, Thüringen (July) and ICCCIA Conference, Berlin (September)

Photo: Melissa Furness, what’re you worth, priceless waste, insignificant iniquity,  cast iron trash, glitter, gold leaf, sequins, beads, alcohol ink, and resin, 
2.5x 6x 5", 4.5 x 6.5 x 5.5", 2.5 x 9 x 5.5"

German photographers, Gerhard Haug and Georg Krause, are looking for submissions for their twin photo series. One photo showing a piece of cast iron art and the other showing the furnace that melted the iron or at least a recognizable detail of it.

DEADLINE: April 1st

Photo: Reiman Smith “Iron Garden”

The exhibition will bring together a diverse selection of iron works or works involving iron that in some way relate to “Once Upon an Instant“. The pieces selected could connect to a specific instant of time or they could be about the actual existence of time or any other interpretation of the title.

Any suitable works will be considered, including but not limited to abstract, representational, 2D, 3D or 4D. The only stipulation is that in some way the work must contain or involve or refer to iron. Artworks selected by Poppy Woodeson.

DEADLINE: April 24th

Exhibition Dates: 6/9/22 – 9/20/22 (tbc)

Exhibition Location: HTW Berlin-University of Applied Sciences

ICCCIA 9 Berlin invites conference attendees to submit images for the 2022 International Kleine Eisen Ausstellung, Small Iron Exhibition. Artists participating in the conference may submit one sculpture for the exhibition. Your conference registration covers your cost for the exhibition. 

Was ist Kleine Eisen? The nature of this exhibition is small scale, so if your work can fit within a shoebox, this show is for you! Works should be approximately 800 cubic inches or 13109.7 cubic centimeters.

DEADLINE: July 1st

Exhibition Dates: September 16 - 20, 2022
Exhibition Location: In the spirit of a Pop-Up Show, The exhibition will be shown at Gastro-Norm, An Art and Zero-Waste Café

Photo: Ian Skinner: Pinion, 2020. Michał Staszczak: A cabinet of curiosities, 2021.

Raw Materials and Identities is open to researchers and scholars of all disciplines who are concerned with identity in relation to spatial or other communities that are concerned with impacts of commodities on a society. ICCCIA 9 is dedicated to an artistic and art scientific approach, as well as to social sciences’ perspectives of iron casting, the main questions addressed will be:

• Can (raw) materials be identity-shaping for societies and regions (at least by attribution)? 
• And if so, how do (raw) materials and national, regional, or local identities fit? 
• What effects does the (raw) material have on societies, regions, and communities?

DEADLINE: March 15th 

Jenny Hager, Lance Vickery, Cynthia Handel and UNF Students will be performing “Du Bist Eine Kartoffel” [You Are a Potato] at the 9th ICCCIA Conference in Berlin. 

An absurdist performance inspired by the magical, starchy tuber. Once upon a time, potatoes were guarded by the soldiers of King Frederick II of Prussia. The so called "apple of the earth" was prized for its economic and nutritious properties. It was also the first vegetable to be grown in space. In England, a stolen potato protected against disease. The rich history of the spud throughout many cultures will be celebrated and revered through a performance based in iron and ritual. Collaboration is welcome in all forms - potato inspired visuals, poetry, video, music and iron.

Please contact Jenny Hager to find out more.

DEADLINE: April 1st

Photo: Sculpture by UNF student Parker Bush.

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